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Awadh is a very kind and empathetic person but according to his colleagues, he is a very fussy man who disagrees with others most of the time. What do you think he is? 

  • A troublemaker whose purpose is to disagree with others for his victory.

  • A person who wants progress in his work and company.


 “The purpose of disagreement is not victory or defeat, it’s progress” - Teal Swan. So, it’s okay to disagree. Sherlock Holmes is the classic example of people who don’t bother about being agreeable.


An agreeable person is kind, affectionate and full of empathy. They can even compromise their own interests in order to get what others want. But that doesn’t demean the importance of being disagreeable because that is how great stuff happens. Help your child learn to agree to disagree sometimes according to the need of the situation.

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