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Referral Policy:

Referral Policy

This Referral Policy applies to current paying customers or users (referred to as “user”, “users”, “your” or “you”) who or whose children are enrolled in any course at the time such a referral is made and or the user is participating in the Pepkidz's Referral program. Your participation in the Scheme is deemed if (a) you share your referral code with others by any means whatsoever, or (b) you share the contact information of the person whom you are referring along with completely filling a referral form provided to you. By participating in this Scheme, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this referral policy (“Policy”), which are in addition to and subject to Pepkidz’s ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ available on the Platform. Pepkidz is engaged in the service of online teaching/education to children . By accepting this Referral Policy, you consent, agree and undertake to abide, be bound to the terms of this Referral Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not participate in the Scheme.  Pepkidz reserves the right to modify or terminate the Scheme, in whole or in part, at any time and in any manner.

"Referrer" or "Referee" is a person who has paid the fees to Pepkidz by enrolling their child and is making the reference. "Reward" or " Bonus" means benefit receivable under this policy, in the form of fee waivers or vouchers or cash, as communicated. "Referred customer" is a person being referred by the Referee. 

You shall receive a benefit only when and after the person you referred has paid the amount due in full and that person and or that person's child or children have completed course for which an enrollment is done and the full amount due is paid for by the person you referred. You shall receive any such benefit only one per each unique referred customer. Also, the referred customer has to be new to Pepkidz and should not have been engaged in any capacity including prior free or paid class engagement, webinar engagement, entering a lead form on website or social media etc. Pepkidz also engages in corporate tie-ups. In case of corporate tie-ups you cannot refer a customer who is part of a corporate tie-up network Pepkidz has. Such a case of referral of a customer, who is part or are is employed at a company that is part of the Pepkidz corporate tie-up, is considered as invalid and no referral bonus or reward shall be paid out. 

Other points of consideration to be noted:

  • The benefits under this Referral Policy cannot be combined with any other benefit/scholarship. If you have already availed another benefit, the benefits of this Referral Policy shall not apply. 

  • We will confirm from the referred customer as to who referred them. Their's, the referred customer's, word is final in determining the source or person or parent who referred. All referral bonus or rewards are determined based on the referred customer's testimony. We may or may not record the conversation of such a testimonial and may or may not be in written. 

  • Only one referral source or person who referred will be considered for issuing any referral bonus. In any event  there cannot be more than one person who will be considered as referee. 

  • Pepkidz reserves the right to determine who is the referee in case of conflicts. 

  • In any case each unique customer cannot have more than one referee.

  • In case of referring a customer located outside the county of the referee, referral bonus or reward amount shall vary and is in most cases different from the one advertised.

Changes to this Policy

The Referral Policy may be updated from time to time and you should check this Policy periodically. Your continued use of our platform and or any of our courses/products/website etc is deemed approval of any changes we make to this Policy.

Contact Details

Please contact us by postal mail on the following address for any queries or concerns.



No.58 3rdFloor 5thBlock Koramangala

JNC Road Opposite to Jyoti Nivas College



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