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Published Authors.

Pepkidz Children

Your child can become too!

Publishing Partners

The Pepkidz Library

(Authored By Our Young Stars)

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How Does The Program Work?

EQ Foundation:

Knowing self and surroundings.


Understating emotions.


Create characters, plot and review.


Child's imagination is put into reality.


On leading platforms like Amazon Kindle, Google Book

Store etc.

How Will The Program Benefit Our Children?

Advanced Expression

Our Children develop a much more confident attitude and are able to express themselves really well as they get into a habit of writing.

Decision Making

Our Children are provided with opportunities to make empowering decisions for themselves in the form of writing a book.

Emphasis On Good Values

Our Children learn to be kind, empathetic and love each other more. These values are clearly represented in the stories they frame in the Author a Book Program.

A Glance At Our Child Authors


I was a shy kid, but Pepkidz classes helped me become more social and I have authored a book on how to maintain friendships.

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12 Weeks Program

12  1:1 Live Classes on Zoom
EQ Foundation Training
Book Writing Guidance
Graphic Design
Editing & Publishing

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