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How many tigers did James hunt? 


James went for tiger hunting. He got 6 tigers without a head, 9 tigers without the tail and 8 cut in two-halves.


Hint: 6 without head = o

9 without tail = o

8 cut into two-halves = o & o 

So, no tigers were hunted.


Curiosity drives an analytical thinker. And when you know the problem, you can analyse it and find a solution easily. Well analytical thinking is the most prominent skill today. Be it finance, defence , technology or innovation you can’t afford to miss on these aspects which forms the core of analytical skills:

  • communication

  • creativity

  • critical thinking

  • data analysis

  • research


“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein. If you want your child to have a solution, then encourage him/her to question.

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