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Students' Success Stories

I'm Arya from Euro School
I overcame shyness

“Being busy, I always kept things to myself. Pepkidz helped me to initiate conversations with people. Now I don't’ hesitate to speaking my heart out”

I'm Namika  from Oxford School
I'm confident to speak now

"I love Pepkidz story kits.

I overcame my fears and started telling my own stories in class. Thank you Pepkidz."

I'm Thejas  from NSS School
I learnt positive attitude

“I did not realize that I was having a habit of saying “No” to everything my parents asked me. Now  I understand the feelings of my parents ”

I'm Krithika from St. Mark School
I learnt to say "NO"

“I was not able to say ‘no’ and do things unwillingly and later regret. I learnt  how to say “No” politely and make use of Pepkidz questioning technique “ 

I'm Sidharth from Santhinikethan School
I can deal with bullies

I'm Nihara from De Paul School
I feel transformed 

“I was being bullied and did not know that it was not allowed.Now I know how to deal with bullies.Thank your Pepkidz for preparing me for tough situations”

“Pepkidz mental exercises help us to keep a positive mindset in school. And it's a good thing to have a teacher who cares about our feelings.”


Teachers Testimonials

After implementing the SELP program in my school, I have seen positive changes in my students. Their screen engagement reduced considerably. They are not overly sensitive about their feelings now and can manage their emotions better. They have a positive attitude in classrooms and better listening skills now. SELP is solving issues dangerously ignored by parents and the current school system.

SELP solves issues ignored

Vatsala Sharma
School Teacher


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