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PARENTS: This is your missing ingredient.

Pepkidz helps your child become a leader by building strong emotional foundation!

World's #1
EQ Learning Platform

1-1 Live Online Classes

World Class & Highly Trained Teachers

Rationalise your feelings & align your actions.

What is EQ?


Understand what others feel & respond with compassion.


Pepkidz has helped thousands of kids become emotionally mature.

What is EQ

Watch your child grow with Pepkidz!


4 Months

8 Months

1 Year

2 Year

Skills Mastered
Empathy Drive!
Student Milestones
Immediate Results

Hear the real stories of

Pepkidz, PepMomz and PepDadz


I'm Arya

I overcame shyness


Being shy, I always kept things to myself. Pepkidz helped me take a leap of faith &  initiate conversations with people. Now I don’t hesitate in speaking my heart out.

Why Pepkidz ?
Rigorous Teacher Training

All the teachers in Pepkidz undergo rigorous training and timely assessments to become subject matter experts and to take the class.

Research Based Curriculum

The curriculum has been structured and designed by educators and psychologists on the basis of research and age appropriateness.

Teacher Student Relation

We are a complete safe zone where students share their deepest feelings and experiences without the fear of being judged.

Structured Feedback

Pepkidz provides timely feedback to the parent, marking the progress on the bases of parameters.

After years of research, our team of best psychologists and teachers globally crafted the perfect curriculum.

And it’s age specific.

So dive in!

Age 3.5 to 5

Age 6-8

Age 9-10

Age 11+

Why Pepkidz

Build your child’s future with pepkidz

We help your child develop practices to bring out the best personality, behavior and character traits.


and we make it fun.

*For students residing in India. Rates may vary for students located outside India.

build your child's future


I am all praises for Pepkidz. I have seen a lot of improvement in Aarya. Aarya can narrate a story all by herself in perfect English. I thank Pepkidz for your hard work and dedication. I am waiting for my younger daughter to be 4 yrs old so that I can enroll her with Pepkidz too.



I am proud to say we have completed 1 year of Pepkidz Classes! My Daughter, 6 years old, has now entered the Pepkidz - Author a book program. We are so excited to see her author a story book and are awestruck with her choices of scenery and characters for her new book. Thank you Pepkidz for making this happen! Can't wait to share the book with my friends once it is completed.



I have seen a lot of change in my 12 year old Son. He desperately waits for the class. He wants to skip TT and join Pepkidz class on time. After joining Pepkidz Tejas is more curious and a structured thinker.​ We got attracted to Pepkidz’s way of explaining things. Thanks for being there Pepkidz!

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